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Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose Otto has light, sweet, floral top notes with deep rosy undertones. Many people believe there is no finer essential oil. Rose gives a feeling of well-being and happiness and is a valuable oil in skincare and for treating female-related problems.Rose oil has no parallel for inspiring passion and romance and treating grief, hysteria or depression. Rose Essential Oil is believed by many to help balance female hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle, bulk rose otto essential oil exporter and ease the discomforts of PMS and menopause. Sexual difficulties also respond well to Rose oil's gentle support. No other pure aroma and flower compares to its magnificent beauty and smel

Rose Otto is glorious, a true nectar of love and appreciation. One lone drop will blossom in your blend, creating a scent that will bring a maternal peace to your spirit. I have not, and will not, try any other Rosa damascena - for I am not willing to experience any disappointment that may occur from another company's lesser quality.bulk rose otto essential oil supplier I believe Stillpoint Aromatics has found the sweetest of distillers, who are providing an exquisite oil, full of uplifting and higher source vibration. I use this oil in my moisturizer blend, and my skin definitely responds positively. I believe the rose essential oil brings out hidden youth and a glow of hope and positive expectations. Nurtured skin glows.

Steam distilled, Rose Otto Essential Oil offered has anti oxidant properties and is mostly used in crèmes. The presence of rapidly absorbed anti-oxidants and active ingredients makes the oil perfect to be used as a moisturizing day cream. Other than this, it is also used in soaps, cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes Rose Otto Essential Oil is extracted from the rose petals of various species of Roses. This oil (Attar of Roses), has long been in use.It does not have the typical scent of fresh Roses that is reserved for Rose Absolute. The distillation process changes the chemical compound of the oil leaving it smelling a bit different than fresh roses.
Bulgarian Rose oil is steam distilled (no solvent extraction) and is 100% pure. This rose oil contains the essence of Rosa Damascena flowers, cultivated in Bulgaria. The perfect location in "The Valley of the Roses" where the mild climate with gentle sunshine ensures the fragrance, purity and naturalness of the rose essential oil is complete, intact and uncompromised. The usual rose harvest time in Bulgaria starts around the third week of bulk rose otto essential oil exporter May and the harvesting of the rose petals continues, depending mainly on the weather conditions, for three to five weeks.bulk rose otto essential oil supplier The yield of rose oil can be dramatically affected by the weather. The best weather conditions for Rose harvest is mild and humid weather with night temperatures around 24-28 deg. C. This oil is distilled from either the Damask Rose or the Cabbage Rose. It has been in use in one form or another since the ancient Greek and Roman days. It is completely safe and can be used in many applications, but primarily is used for its aroma therapeutic properties.