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Bergamot FCF Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil Bulk Exporter
Bergamot is used to invoke the sun. It dispels the demons of despondency and depression and clears mind and spirit. Like other citrus oils it can be used to boost self-confidence. It protects against negative influences and can help connecting to the higher self and purpose.

A sunny and warm yet slightly spicy-husky scent. It blends well with citrus type oils such as Lemon, Neroli, Petitgrain, Geranium and Lemon Verbena, but also with Rose, Jasmine, Cypress, Clary Sage and Cinnamon.

Bergamot is a small evergreen tree of the Rutaceae family that can reach up to 4 meters high and produces white, strongly fragrant blossoms, which eventually develop into yellow pear-shaped fruits. The name "Bergamot" is also applied to other varieties of pear, as well as other plants of the Mint family due to the similar fragrances that they produce. Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the fruit's rind and is popularly used in perfumes and colognes, as well as food flavoring.

Bergamot FCF Peel Oil, is cold pressed from the peel of the, unripe, fruit.  The FCF stands for FuoroCoumarinFree and is also referred to as Bergaptene Free, and this distinction indicates that the oil has been made safe for use with sun exposure.  The fourocoumarins (bergaptene) is the chemical component, in the peel, that is responsible for photo sensitivity / toxicity and, potentially, serious damage to the skin, when it's on skin that is exposed to sunlight.. 

The scent of Bergamot (FCF) Peel Oil is sweet and fresh, with a scent that is very different from the other citrus peel oils due to its linalool content.  This is the oil you'll want to use when you want to add sweetness and an unidentifiable citrus note to your blends.  The scent of Bergamot FCF Peel Oil is less sweet than the un-rectified Bergamot Oil but, also has more depth.  We offer only the Bergamot FCF version because the potential for serious skin damage, with sun exposure, is too high with the un-rectified Bergamot oil, which is the most photo toxic of the pressed oils. The toxic chemical removal is achieved through, simple, vacuum distillation of the pressed oil,  There are cases of serious, permanent, injury to the skin, after the application of un-rectified Bergamot Oil, followed by exposure to sunlight, which resulted in law suits. 

Bergamot FCF Peel Oil, like the other pressed oils, is a great choice for oily and congested skin conditions where it will assist in drying the excess oil without over drying and causing the skin to create more oil in an attempt to re-balance the skin.  It will also have an astringent effect on the skin making it suitable for hair care applications.  In Aromatherapy Bergamot is well known to aid in conditions of anxiety and depression, making it a great choice for bath applications.

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